Saturday, 24 November 2012

Festive Things

Christmas is coming! It was so rainy today and ridiculously busy! But was cheered up by this disco lighting effect inside the Covent Garden Market! So pretty:) I know the massive balls were from last year but I think the christmassy lights are new. It's really special! However everyone are just busy shopping :D

Oh and I must include the huge reindeer:) Sorry it's not a fantastic day but it was rainy!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Paper Mache Letters

It has always been a curious place to see all those dark beige cardboard letters and items in HobbyCraft. As it happens my friend would like her and her fiance's initials at her wedding reception, so I am allowed to get some to play with finally.

First of all, I learnt that these little decopatches actually have three sheets in each pack, so what a delight! And secondly, they are so good they don't mush or tear easily and they stick well! Also the cardboard letters are very strong they didn't change shape despite me working on it until sleepy 2o'clock in the morning! So results!

Now I just have to do a careful layer on top, add sparkles, DONE!
P.S Anyone can help me figure out how can F stand without the other letters on its own?

Paper Flowers

Aiya~! It's been a while since I last blogged again, well here is what I have been up to, I am actually currently working on my website but meanwhile I have been helping a friend to create her wedding table plan. So here are the bunch of tissue flowers that hopefully make it somewhere in her wedding!

These are very easy to make but I accidentally thought it was made of tissue paper and because the texture is stronger, it was quite hard to make the 'petals' fold out nicely. You are actually supposed to use napkins! Here is the tutorial I found on design editor~

Now I can't wait to make some red, green and white ones for work:)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Felted sweetcorn sheep


I really ought to create a better backrgound image but let's leave it as it is for now.
This is my very first blog using my google account. I have an old blog on livejournal if it takes anyones interest:


I am a full time 3d graphic artist however I am a huge crafter who is interested in any forms or shape of crafts, I love picking up new skills and being able to mix the ideas together and experiment with it.
My main overall craft directions is crazy, fun, cute toys. I mainly create toys by knitting, crochet, fabric and felting. However I do jewellery with beads too, and I always consider myself a great designer for pattern making for toys too.  I actually made a wedding invite for my sister using illustrators too. I hope to be able to carry using it to design fabrics too.

Anyhow I would like to share my most recent craft today, unfortunately after all my blagging previously this is actually done using a felting kit. which I thought was really good value:)
Check out the results above! I know the picture on the kit is a bit cuter but I am proud of my work anyway!