Monday, 28 January 2013

First "proper" Oil Painting

Started attending an oil painting class for human figures at recently, this is from my third lesson, with the first stage on bottom left, and then right and then top as the final one.
The word final meant thats all the class time I had in the end, with a lot of help from the tutor, it didn't look so bad in the end! Although this is after I compared it to my earlier stages! Some ladies in the class were super good! I felt like mine was like a cartoon hahahaa however they are right about that you should only try and beat yourself because it makes me feel much better realising how much better it is compared to earlier lessons really.

Anyone out there good with colour mixing? I find that pretty tough:(

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Memory of Mr Snowman 2013

                                               Just wanted to post this: )

Work Christmas party Secret santa

So I know I'm spamming my blog right now but would like to also back track this item I made for my christmas work party!~

I know I really shouldn't include my old teddy but I wanted to show what it is!

It isn't well made but it's a cool idea right! (except later finding out this has already been done T__T...) Anyway since it was going to be given away so quickly I decided spending a night on it was enough for the purpose. The theme was your favourite children's animated character, so I based it on Gingy from Shrek, who doesn't love hm right :)

Making a silver charm

Finally have time to update my blog again, I wanted to write about the silver charm taster class I did with my friend just before Christmas at +London Jewellery School It was so fun and worthwhile, definitely inspired me if I should do jewellery making class some day. 

Me and my friend was so surprised how professional the product was at the end despite the whole class only lasted 2.5 hours! The tutor was very good that she made sure she checked our product before we rushed off. 
So we we were given 20minutes to design the charm first, then we drew it on with paper and marks it with a marking tool. Then we were ready to saw it out of this little silver square plate. After that we smouldered it so it's malleable. And then we are ready to mould it how we want. I milled a pattern on with some pretty brass bits as well as hammering all over it to give it an organic look. Then we filed down the sharp edges and saw cuts. Finally we polished it so it's real shiny! 

The course was great however I wish we had more time on planning and experimenting but for it being £22 and 2.5 hours to achieve such great results is amazing!