Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Custom Knitted Doll - Joan

Happy New Year! May I use my first blog post in 2015 to introduce my first custom personalised doll for a friend's wife! It was a christmas present. So I kind of rushed everything a little bit towards the end but overall I am 99% happy with the result! The lucky lady Joan was thrilled how many likes she got on facebook over her very own doll. So I am happy that she is happy:)

Here is a little illustration I did for her.
I based this whole doll on this one I posted about here. Which has a crocheted body with a hand sewn dress. But this time I wanted the hair to be sculpted with merino wool so I could get the hair to look even more realistic than last time. I also wanted to finally try shrink plastic on the glasses.

A lot of the time if you are just making something for yourself you can go back and forth on projects because you don't have a deadline however when you do have one, you start to realise how some stages actually does take a lot longer than you think. However since it is such a special gift, I really wanted to nail things like hair colour and skin tone. In the end I tried three different shades for the skin, baked six pairs of failed glasses, crocheted an extra pair of legs and had to do the dress entirely by hand! The machine was too heavy handed on the intricate materials I had to use.

However despite the challenges I had, she was beautifully blossomed - how cheesy is this sentence!
Here is a close up of her with her cool glasses.

My proud sculpted hair with a cute ribbon.
I love random laying down shots.

Bum shot!! This is just show the cute signature of course!
Here she is ready to go~ she looks happy!
Bye Joan Lini! You will be missed!

Hopefully the next doll would come along soon!!! :) Wish you a happy and healthy 2015!!!