Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Jurassic World Inspired Indominus Rex

It's been a while since I updated my blog, been drafting a lot but not had time to properly structure one to post. This is just a quick post, planning to prepare a better photoshoot of this little guy but just couldn't resist to share NOW! Basically me and my partner went and watched an 11pm screening the very night of Jurassic World came out last Thursday! And we totally loved it!!! I guess part of the reason for how much we loved it was because of how nostalgic it is for both of us having seen it when we were kids. It totally remind me of the kid inside of my old self right now. Made me realised how cool my dad was to have taken the whole family to see the best movies back in the days.  : ) I think I was very lucky to be old enough to watch it in 1993 and remember what I saw and felt after we came out of the cinema naturally thinking there would be a dinosaur around the corner!  ha ha!

For a long time I am either working on some new patterns to take me closer to having an etsy shop or making something for a friend. But the whole toy making hobby began just because I love toys and always thought it would be cool to make them. Not really a reason behind it. So I decided to make something for me for a change! And just started making the Idominus Rex from the film, have to say still a bigger fan of Raptors and T-Rex but he turns out better than I envisioned!! So here is my late night test shoot.

P.S I already made a dinosaur for a friend before and he's here!