Friday, 5 October 2012

Felted sweetcorn sheep


I really ought to create a better backrgound image but let's leave it as it is for now.
This is my very first blog using my google account. I have an old blog on livejournal if it takes anyones interest:


I am a full time 3d graphic artist however I am a huge crafter who is interested in any forms or shape of crafts, I love picking up new skills and being able to mix the ideas together and experiment with it.
My main overall craft directions is crazy, fun, cute toys. I mainly create toys by knitting, crochet, fabric and felting. However I do jewellery with beads too, and I always consider myself a great designer for pattern making for toys too.  I actually made a wedding invite for my sister using illustrators too. I hope to be able to carry using it to design fabrics too.

Anyhow I would like to share my most recent craft today, unfortunately after all my blagging previously this is actually done using a felting kit. which I thought was really good value:)
Check out the results above! I know the picture on the kit is a bit cuter but I am proud of my work anyway!