Saturday, 17 August 2013

London Markets Fun - Really long post


Life has been very hectic with parents visiting and refurbishment of my lounge! So I thought I would finally share some nice snaps during my tour around lovely London. 

I booked two weeks off so I can take my parents to as many interesting places as possible and I do..I hope! My parents flown in all the way from Hong Kong. Typical city people, so they don't generally appreciate chilling out at home with shops not opening on Sundays. However I tried my best to enjoy going out everyday especially when it was pretty much sunny everyday when they were here. 

The first place we went to was Royal Botanic Garden at Kew. The information people told us to go in from Lion Gate, a side entrance instead of the main one as it gets very busy! So we went in very quickly. Now so everyone goes to Kew for the green house yet my parents just want to look at big trees, grass hills and blue skies because he said the humidity and warm air is what Hong Kong is like constantly! I know it sounds crazy but Hong Kong is nicknamed "The Concrete Forest", so seeing  a blue sky and sitting on grass is a total luxury.

What a lovely day it was!

Look at the baby swan~aww. Sorry to disturb!

This was at the treetop walk. My parents was a little terrified!

The second place we went to was London Borough Market, which is fully opened Thurs-Saturday from 11-5. So we arrived at 11 on a Thursday and my parents loved the fact you can even tried vegetables! Like normally you try cheese, jams, juices but my dad noticed this silver bowl with freshly boiled asparagus. It did taste amazing but it was £4.50 per bunch so we settled for a purple carrot and a chicken in the woods mushroom.

The fish mongers were moving this scary fish head to attract customer, so random!

There was all sorts of interesting mushrooms.

And so many colours!

Love this shot with the busy bee!

It indeed has the same look and texture as chicken! We also bought some black truffle honey and french salami. Oh I also bought this interesting plant called Mind you own business. So cute!! (which I will post picture later..)

This was the purple carrot and chicken in the woods mushroom, Check it out!

After the market, it was only about 2pm, so we took the bus to spitalfield market but mum and dad decided it was too similar to Covent Garden so they decided carry onto Brick lane instead. They loved the graffiti there and all the second hand goods. My dad loves treasure hunting! I swear one day he will be in the backstreet selling all these pieces he's collecting.

Since Dad is into treasure hunting in old goods, I decided Portobello Road Market was another good spot for him but it only opens on a Saturday and gets very busy after 11. We got there just as it started to get busy but it was fine because we had so much fun there searching for silver charms, silver spoons and things. It was really interesting to hear all the stories of each items. From scrimshaw whale's tooth by sailors to a trench watch from world war II. It was hard to judge without the expert eye whether they are the real deal though. I guess it's best just to buy something you like which fits your budget!

I bought two sets, one for me, one for my sister:)

Can you see me in it?
Really love printing and really want to buy some!
I will be back when I'm getting my bathroom done!
These were my treasures of the day. Cute!

After that market I was willing to bring them to more different markets however was disappointed with Lindenhall Market as it was just full of designer shops and expensive food, however the architecture was very beautiful though but you can't really make that a day trip! 

Oh and I must share some snaps of the lovely swans that seem forever hungry at Windsor, my parents didn't realize how many swans there were so they brought only about four pieces of bread! To resolve the situation my dad just kept tricking the swans by making a throwing bread action with his arm instead, the poor birds were so confused it was looking everywhere for the invisible bread. My dad is so silly! ha!

This was on the floor.. hmm!

Swans: " Give me bread already!"

Finally I am done! Woohoo hope you enjoy my pictures!!