Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year!

So hello, I wish everyone is going to have a successful, happy and healthy year ahead. I started my new job just before Christmas. Therefore I been quite busy to post another blog about some more felted presents I made for friends and family. One of them is very special, it's based on a design by my boyfriend's uber talented brother. He's been doodling a lot and you can see some on his band's page here. So I thought it would be cool to visualize his work into crafted pieces.

I can't find the original design but this is one of them that's similar!

The original design was a line drawing from the front of this little man so it didn't have information behind his sad little face so I decided it was appropriate for me to add something slightly inappropriate, it just turned out that way, don't ask why, its just funny! hehe!!

Looking innocent..

oh dear!

The other piece I did was a little 10cm tall rabbit for my friend and I just wanted to include her favorite colour in. I only managed to find blue although she likes pale turquoise but I think she turns out very lovely too but I need to work on expressions  more because she looks a little sad...

I also wasn't happy with her long legs, it made her looks older and thin, it would be cuter if she had stumpy chunky legs but sometimes you just go with the flow! And it seems beady button eyes would be much sharper for her face! Anyhow will be felting more! Watch this space!