Saturday, 21 December 2013


Ho Ho Ho!

So I finally feel more relaxed after my new job is settled so I finally feel like updating my blog! So here is what I been busy doing for some friends, I wish I can make a lot more if I had time as but they can easily take up to 8 hours each but I think I still managed to make quite a proud collection for this year, you can never help your friends and family enough in your life so if you didn't receive one this year don't hate me! It's only because there's only so much time after work for me!!

So normally I start all my designs with a sketch but they don't always translate well to 3D and I always kind of just work it out as I sculpt it. So actually some didn't turn out as interesting as I had hoped so then I would just improvise and go crazy! But that can be quite fun! Ha!

1. Rex

He is about 10cm tall and kind of based on a Raptor dinosaur, not one of the things I draw on a regular basis so the challenge was making it my style as well as has to resemble a dinosaur! So I decided to go for a classic lime green and made sure I got a tail on his back, big teeth and claws! Would have liked to have him with his jaw open but the sketches didn't work well. After a about 10 drawings my boyfriend also helped me do about two and I liked the way he drew the teeth and the shapes I had in my sketch, so I went for it and ended up going to bed at 2am! But you know he looks pretty cute! Except everyone thinks the nostrils are eyes! Eyes on a dinosaur is on the side of their heads of course!

Little Rex should be in Montreal with my friend Ric now, good luck!:)

This is a side view with it's tail wrapping round him.
Looks like a creepy man from front ha!
2. Little Yifan Hood

She is pretty small, I think about 7cm tall, just like my friend Yifan in person, a very tiny girl! Hehe but very talented indeed. The reason I made her into little red riding hood was because it was a shame we didn't bother with Halloween this year when she had her costume ready so here it is! Halloween was a stressful time for me this year but she was there to listen and support me , so thank you Yifan and hope you have a nice deserving break back home!

Here is Yifan's work by the way!
I was most pleased when I put them in these plastic sleeve, it makes them look precious hehe!

3. Dan

Dan has been a very good team mate for a few projects we worked together on and I have a habit of doodling a graphic version of him a lot so I wanted to transform that through felting , the beard didn't come out as well as I had hoped but since it looks quite sweet I felt he would appreciate it just as much. Look at them together here hehe!


4.  Mr Chazman

Charlie has been an amazing friend and mentor for the very big part of my career and he is one of my favorite people to work with! People have always made Charlie into different things which were all ACE so I decided it would be interesting to make a felted version too. I am very pleased with how it turned out, I wonder if it brought a tear to his eye haha! The biggest challenge was not making a rig to begin with in its core so it was a little tricky to attach the head but I think the stabbings were quite clean so it's pretty neat. I also liked my colour scheme very much!

Here is Charlie's work as well.

5. Zoo Christmas Baubles!

Finally I wanted to make these for my bosses at my last job as they have been very very kind to me for the last five and half years, plus it's Christmas!! My aim was to make some animals and my boyfriend said I have to have elephant and giraffe as that's what make a zoo a zoo! 

But in the end I got bored and added things like wings and a Christmas hat. It just felt they needed something extra! You would have never guessed that the weird creature was meant to be giraffe to begin with haha!! The elephant took the longest, again not drawn elephant an awful lot so it took a long time to look cute and getting the proportions right! The giraffe probably turned out to have the most personality, anything weird is Awesome right!

Close ups are always cute!
And here is one ready to go!
I am actually desperately need to work on three more pieces before Christmas! Wish me luck, here is a snippet of one work in progress! Good Luck to me!