Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Making Uncovered @ Brixton East Gallery

Hello this weekend I have devoted my whole saturday to attend the "Making Uncovered" make, art & craft festival organised by makerhood at Brixton East Gallery. I was very lucky to have found out about this event just a week ago on twitter. So I was also ble to book a workshop with Andri who coaches and train people to achieve goals in life which I'd talk about in the last section of this post.

So here are some snaps of the event from different angles, I was very delighted that the event was a lot more cosy and unintimidating than I expected. I thought it was going to be a bit like lots of tents lining up next to each other type of thing however the makerhood folks have done a very nice job on the way the event was laid out. It was very welcoming and inviting! I went on my own so it was not easy to build up the courage to have a chat with people!

On the ground level with demos and workshops happening.
On the upper level with cafe.


The craft demos

One of the key things that attracted me to the event right at the staqrt was that there were some demos on the day such as screen printing, willow weaving, felting, drawing, sewing etc.  

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try everything but I madesure I tried screen printing. It's one of those crafts that have always intrigued me but I still haven't got round to it yet! So that was my chance!

Here is Kerry at her stall, her design was the fox in an army jacket (I think) and Ray Stanbrook's design too. I really liked the multi-coloured designs by Ray but obviously that was too complicated to be on offer on the day. So I chose the fox design by Mashka as I like foxes too. It was really fun to finally be screen printing after watching people do it on TV and looking at books! It was easy but the screen sounded a bit fiddly to prepare but I look forward to do a workshop at in the future just because the finished result is so incredibly neat!
Screen printing demos by Mashka and Ray Stanbrook
The two choices!

After that I was attracted to do some little postcards which poor Rachel didn't rest printing all day! You can find her work on Pricklepress 

I also really liked how she cliped her sign up just with a piece of string. I been having problems with where to put my ideas board as my workstation faces the window with just a small section of clean wall.

And this was the message I wanted!

Results! :)

P.S The willow weaving workshop I missed out on looks pretty nice!


Chat chat chat

So apart from me running around doing my workshops and things, I also found the opportunity to talk to some of the makerhood makers and some go along ladies like myself in the workshops. I was very grateful that they kindly took time to share their stories with me and even gave me advice!

One of the first people I spoke to was an aspiring interior designer lady in my "Making images and making meaning" workshop. She's called Lisa who was originally from Texas. Interestingly despite our industry being different she actually specialises in Lighting, like myself! haha! She said she actually has to use 3D Studio Max to visualise how the lighting would work and how her 2D concept comes alive in 3D. I wonder if there would be a chance in the future where I can help her with that. We then had a cup of tea together where she told me how she decided to pursue this career she always dreamt of. She also gave me advice on what I want to do too :)

Imogen at the demo for her brand, Thing and Bang

The other lady I spoke to was actually the maker/owner for Thing and Bang where she sells vibrant and fun cushions and bowties using mexican and denim fabric. I was lucky to approach Imogen near the end of the event so we could chat for a little while. I was suprised that Imogen have only started out last June! It's incredible how solid her brand has already become and she has a clear vision of what she creates in her brand. just imagine where she would be in 5 or 10 years time! She even paints as well! A true driven artist! The key advice she gave me was just enjoy it, just keep making and stop worrying! Imogen said she has never done any sewing classes! She just started making things for her children and it grew from there! So I just have to stop thinking that my skills maybe inadequate or my goods may not be marketable because she said even though her earlier creations wasn't as good as how she wanted it to be sold anyway. However it isn't just about selling and money, it's also about the love of doing this, the journey and the process of getting there. Without this difficult step, how can you feel proud and count it as an achievement?

Making images, making meaning workshop

So finally I am talking about my pre-booked workshop, I decided to write about this last as I might go on and on and people might not even want to read this! My intention of coming to this workshop was because there is so much desire in me for becoming a better artist in general. There are so many skills I feel I lacked and the crying out desperation of self-improvment in me. Andri first introduced us to a few different methods of narrowing what weant to work on. Also ask how, why, wo and where you want to get to using the methods which works for you. 

The first one was a pie chart that has different a whee of life around, you have to rate between 1-5 how satisfy you are in all of the different aspects in life such as: Career, Physical Environment, Fun Recreation, Healthy, Friends/family, Personal Growth and love romance. From this you should then find which aspect you want to work on. As a visual person I naturally went for the mind maps. But I also liked her last 5 years and next 5 years mirror timeline where you list what you learnt from the different achievements or events that has happened and then how you can apply these lessons you learnt in the future 5 years. 

On using mind maps, you would branch out how, why, where, who and what you want to achieve and then prioritise which one are most important and ergent. For me personally I think it's about feeling insecure about my skillset and I desperately want to work on it, I was worrying a lot because I always have lists and lists of endless things I want to do but through the mind map I realised that many of those things are not important at all, it's just something I fancy doing! With spilling out these list of tasks I want to do, suddenly I feel more in control and relieve. Now to moving on I would begin by setting myself two small achievable tasks for next week and then review it after by asking myself: 

What's different? 
What's better? 
What's changed? 
How did I do that? 
What's next? 

Then repeat this process, hopefully by taking these baby steps I can get to my big picture!

The nice stairs to the workshop which reminded me that quote, 

" There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!"

Finally another nice lady I stumbled on was because I ran into a drawing workshop held by Pam. It was amazing because Pam happened to have spent a year in my birth place Hong Kong while the hand over was happening in 1997 to do some amazing drawings. It was really cool how she recorded my childhood memory of Hong Kong where some of the new high rise buildings didn't exist then. It almost felt like that is still the version of Hong Kong I miss the most. It didn't have as much negative energy in Hong Kong then. Now there is just so much bullying and protesting going on all the time. So it turns out Pam also coaches artist to develope their work. So she told me to write down lists of what I want to do but it doesn't matter if you change your mind tomorrow because it is a process of finding the thing you want to do. She said also write down what you want to do in 10 years, write down what you like about life and what you don't, what you like doing and what you don't. Talk to the people you admire. Organised your mind! And you know what Pam, I will!

Finally big thanks to Makerhood for organising this! Makerhood's director Kim told me that the community is all voluntary run but it is only for the locals! So it seems for now I won't be able to be part of it! :(

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Alton Towers - Spooky woods adventure

So here is where I was last weekend and it is why I haven't posted anything crafty too, believe me, it's coming soon. Meanwhile I thought it was best to share my little snaps from the little trip. Sorry if you think this was about the new ride! Unfortinately the Smiler doesn't open until May anyway! So after conquering Oblivion, Rita (front seats) and Nemesis sub-zero and the rest. I decided to take the next day easy until I got bored and suggested me, my bf's sister and his sister-in-law to go on a little adventure!

It was already 6pm in the evening but us three girls decided to go into the woods!Sounds very much like the beginning of a horror movie indeed.....Here are my more interestinhg snaps while not falling off the hills! Some hills were pretty steep with broken branches in the path! (yikes)..
This was one of the more striking trees that anchors itself to a huge rock.

Here is a creepy claw from the hill:P
Then there was a face up that cliff...
And the snake that turned into stone..OoOo
And then there was the walking trees~
But then I visited the mossy kingdom, they fasinate me!
Through the calming steam~
Trees and more trees
The little trip took an hour anbd the sun was only nearly down, phew no accidents! yay!

Apologies for not posting any craft yet! Working on it! But I hope you enjoy pretty pictures too!