Monday, 21 October 2013

Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival

So I finally had to to share with you the fabulous Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival that was held last month. It is an event where you can buy lovely handmade teddies and supplies in one day, I actually bought myself some pink mohair and cotton faux fur, some glass eyes too. It was quite pricey but I cannot wait to play with them when I have time.

Here are some snaps of favourite stall on the day called Pussman & Co and think the lady sells them on etsy! But as I had to buy fabric and supplies I couldn't afford to buy one of them, maybe christmas!!:)

Aren't these the most colourful amazing teddies ever??!?!! I absolutely want to take them all home!! The lady has a blog about her beautiful work, she told me she dyes her fabric to get the beautifully unique and unusual colours. I admire her patience but the results are fantastic! 

Here is a few more pictures  I took at the event but for more pictures please go on my facebook here.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

What I been up to?

Hello~ Speed post here~

Sorry I have neglected my crafty side for a little while again, been so busy with my 3D side that if you are interested you can check out my showreel

Also I even spared a moment to make an little favicon for my website which I think its weird and creepy but cute- YAY.

Meanwhile the kids cartoon I helped making is now online at BBC, do check it out, it's trully beautiful! In particular The Singing Valley which I did the lighting for!

Oh also has everyone been participating for inktober? Here are mine